Login your account with your user id and password. On your dashboard you will get information for payment of 400 rupees. This payment goes to your sponsor. Contact your sponsor, give 400 rupees to your sponsor. After getting payment your sponsor will upgrade your ID to first level. Rest of 100 rupees goes to foundation as "Donation".
As you know, all upgrade system depends on your earning. You can upgrade to next level if your earning is greater than or equal to the upgrade amount. If you do not refer three people, your earning will not be sufficient to upgrade for second level.
Send details to update, along with your user ID, from your registered mobile number on +91 9088 188288 (WhatsApp / SMS)
To claim payments you need to follow your downline for thier upgradation. All payments are member to member. After receiving payment, you have to upgrade them by clicking on “I accept” button on payment interface, on your dashboard.
  • 1. You will get 400 from all your direct members.
  • 2. More direct members help you in increasing your team.
  • 3. When your direct members enter in middle plan or end plan after you, they will give you that entry amount.
Yes, if you are on 1st level after 30 days, your sponsor can apply for transfer your Id to another person. In this process, you will lost your Id.
You have to submit proofs of payment and documents of mode of payment. After verification, Your Id will be upgraded and upline will be blocked. If your proofs found wrong, your Id will be blocked.
If receiver(upline) is not reachable, you can pay to us , your Id will be upgraded on behalf of upline and amount will be claimed by upline, when he is in reach.
Note :- Send payment proof and details of both ids via email on support@maskinfoundation.com. We will pay to upline when he claim from registered number.
Yes, you can apply for transfer from your registered mobile number or email from your member portal.
Your upgrade depends on earning. If your earning is sufficient for upgradation fees, option will be available to you. Your pending payments will definitely comes to you, when your downline upgrade. Donation will be paid as per norms when you upgrade while you have sufficient upgradation fees.
If You want to receive payment of particular level, you have to upgrade for that level. Otherwise, payment will be skipped to higher upline. It will affect you only. Neither your uplines or your downline affected by this.