Adopt a Tree



Adopt a Tree

"Trees are the Earth's Endless Effort to speak to the Listening Heaven; They are the poem that Earth writes upon the sky"

We, as a human have spontaneous love and attraction towards the trees. We feel relaxed and retrieve from all our problems when we sit on the lap of our mother Earth. The real happiness is just lying under a tree and looking at the sky through the leaves. For us, Trees are just like small children who needs love, affection and care to grow big, strong and creates a own unique identity. It is very well said that 'Adoption is not about finding children for families, it's about finding families for children.'

When we actually adopt a tree, we are adopting good health not only for us alone, but for the environment as a whole. Trees have many far reaching benefits they help retain airborne pollutants, absorb CO2 - the leading driver of climate change — and release large amounts of oxygen. They help cool cities by providing shade; they reduce flooding events and noise pollution; they provide an essential natural habitat for birds and insects; and they bring aesthetic value to our neighbourhoods. Trees are vital to the survival of the human species. They produce the oxygen we breathe - besides dozens further social, economic and ecological benefits.

We were able to enjoy the benefits of trees from the efforts made by those who came before us, and it’s our responsibility to do the same for those who will come after us to make the cycle continue and to move on with its speed.

Trees are the most beautiful part of this nature with a varied usefullness but unfortunately, trees are being cut down rapidly to fulfill human desire. They are unaware of the fact that without trees there would be no live too. Trees maintain the balance of oxygen and carbondioxide in the air, make the environment clean, provide us with food, provide shelter to wildlife, brings rain, binds the soil together and prevents soil erosion and much more which cannot be summarised.

To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, to live as a people, we must have trees and people who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people.

Trees contribute richly to our planet in ways we can’t fathom. It is their altruistic love that one can consider the only “true” love. Beside being so useful, it is still not cared. We had taken the initiative to take care of them and providing the nature lovers a platform where they can help and support the nature from being destroyed. So, join us in this initiative and let's take care of trees by adopting them.

We had realised the importance of trees and the need to save them too. Saving the trees cannot be done single handedly. There are many people who loves the environment and wants to protect them too but due to some unavoidable circumstances they are not able to do so. Hence, we had taken the initiative to help both the environment and these people collectively. We had came forward which an innovative idea of "Adopting a Tree" in which people who are willing to help the mother Earth remain green from different corners can take the responsibility of minimum one tree upbringing by adopting them just like children are being adopted. Our expert team will take care of the tree adopted by them.

Every blessed human has a kind side and wants to help the less fortunate one but often don't know where to start and how to find the right path.
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