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Peepal Tree

Peepal Tree

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Peepal Tree is a large, fast growing deciduous tree. It has a heart shaped leaves. It is a medium size tree and has a large crown with the wonderful wide spreading branches. It shed its leaves in the month of March and April. The peepal tree has been classified as an environmental weed with a very high invasive score. It is highly invasive because it adapts to various types of soil conditions, temperatures, altitudes, etc., and can grow almost everywhere.

The most unique aspect of a Peepal Tree is that it not only emits oxygen during the presence of sunlight but it also emits some amount of oxygen at night too that helps animals and humans to take shelter under it during night too.

Peepal trees have many medicinal uses. Juice extracted from the leaves is used for eardrops. The bark is used to heal inflammations of the neck and glandular swellings. Chewing the roots of a peepal tree is said to help prevent gum disease.

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Division: Magnoliophyta
  • Class: Magnoliopsida
  • Order: Rosales
  • Family: Moraceae
  • Genus: Ficus
  • Species: F. Religiosa
  • Scientific Name: Ficus Religiosa

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