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Kadam Tree

Kadam Tree

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Kadamba is an evergreen, tropical tree. It has scented orange flowers in dense globe-shaped clusters with a broad crown and straight cylindrical stem. The tree may reach a height of 45m maximum. The tree sometimes has small buttresses and a broad crown. Its branches are almost perpendicular to the main stem. Kadam Tree grows throughout the India; especially at low level places. It grows best in warm and humid climate and rich loamy soil.

The tree is mostly grown for providing shade but it is also sometimes grown as an ornamental plant too. It too contains some medicinal benefits as it is considered to be astringent, digestive, expectorant and febrifuge.

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Order: Gentianales
  • Family: Rubiaceae
  • Genus: Neolamarckia
  • Species: N. Cadamba
  • Scientific Name: Neolamarckia Cadamba

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