5thJune, 22
World Environment Day Celebration

On the great occasion of World Environment Day, a small parade was done in which every age group people took part and made every people understand the importance of environment and it must needed to be protected. It was really a great initiative in helping our Mother Earth clean and happy.

5th June, 2022

Bolpur, West Bengal

21stFeb, 22
Educational Development Program

On the great occasion of International Language Day, an Educational Development Program was held where the children of Rajnagar along with their parents where made to realise the importance of education in a child's life. Along with that they were also given the educational kit to put their first step towards education.

21st February, 2022

Rajnagar, West Bengal

15thFeb, 22
Handicapp & Equipment Distribution Program

A disability is any condition that makes it more difficult for a person to do certain activities or effectively interact with the world around them (socially or materially). They are also equal with us hence we had taken the initiative to provide them equipment and a job so that they can too live their future without being dependent on anybody else and be self-independent.

15th February, 2022

Bolpur, West Bengal

2ndOct, 21
Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

On the great occasion of our freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti a small cultural event was held in which children were made to know how Mahatma Gandhi had struggled and made the people realise that they should be independent. His struugles and his love towards his motherland India was also being elaborated to them.

2nd October, 2021

Illumbazar, West Bengal

15thAug, 21
Independence Day Celebration

On the great occasion of Independence Day, we had made the children of Bolpur realised the day importace and how our great freedom fighters had fought for making our motherland India free and independent.

15th August, 2021

Bolpur, West Bengal

30thJune, 21
Child Development Program

In the Child Development Program, a child is provided up with nutritional meals, primary education, health care, immunitization, health checkups and much more. This program helps in the child development as in this age group a child develop its mental, physical and developmental skills more quickly.

30th June, 2021

Dubrajpur, West Bengal

25thApr, 21
Education Kit Distribution Program

The Education Kit aims to make it easier for students to learn and understand the subject matter. The approach of using the education kit is a learning strategy that can be applied by teachers to help improve student performance.

25th April, 2021

Bolpur, West Bengal

14thNov, 20
Education Kit Distribution

Passion of education is there in everyone's life some get the proper path and gets enlighten while some not. Hence, we have taken the first step of distributing the Education Kit to enlighten their path of success.

14th November, 2020

Hingalganj, Sunderban

2ndOct, 20
Setting Up of School

Making the dreams of the people of Bolpur real to make their child study in a good school where they get educated and make their living condition better. As good dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.

2nd October, 2020

Bolpur, West Bengal

5thSept, 20
Rural Education Program

Making the people of Albandha Village the importance of education in their life, as education is the most Powerful Weapon which one can use to change the world.

5th September, 2020

Albandha, Gram Panchayat

17thAugust, 20
Education Material Distribution

Distribution of education material, mask and sanitizer to the children of Bolpur and honouring the prople who have taken the initaive of education awreness program and leading more children towards the path of education.

17th August, 2020

Bolpur, West Bengal

25thJuly, 20
Food Distribution Program

Food is the most important things in one's life. During the outbreak of the pandemic situation of Covid-19 our team aim to provide food to the needy and were able to provide food to approx 400 poor family.

25th July, 2020

Bolpur, West Bengal

30thMay, 20
Swachh Bharat

To accelerate the efforts in making the Earth cleaner, our volunteers had taken the pledge of making the surroundings clean and spreading 'Swachhta' that is 'Cleanliness' everywhere. As we believe in the fact that 'Cleanliness in next to Godliness.'

30th May, 2020

Bolpur, West Bengal

14thMar, 20
Save Drive, Save Life

To curb the accidents and the road fatalities we had made an initiative of making the people aware of driving safely to secure their life. Life is very precious as with one life many more life are also attached up together.

14th March, 2020

Bolpur, West Bengal

10thJan, 20
Help for Poor and Physically Disabled People

Among the population of our country there are still many people who are facing difficulties in having three times meals in a day. We had put on a small initiative by helping them to some extent by reducing their difficulties they are facing with in their life.

10th January, 2020

Bolpur, West Bengal

Every blessed human has a kind side and wants to help the less fortunate one but often don't know where to start and how to find the right path.
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